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The Israel cyber industry overview

For the past three decades, the State of Israel, “Start-up Nation,” has maintained its position as a leading powerhouse for cyber security innovation. It has been providing novel solutions which have enhanced the robustness, resilience, and security of other nations and organizations around the world, making a global impact that is non-proportional to Israel’s material size. As of today, Israeli solutions are more prevalent than ever before, protecting billions of people, sustaining the continuous supply of vital services, safeguarding governments and economic infrastructures, and ensuring the security and safety of businesses and individuals across the globe.

The Israeli cyber security industry – relying on its skilled and creative human capital, and empowered by long-standing government support and a unique synergy with world-renowned Israeli academia – has been a key component of the local vibrant security-oriented “ecosystem”: a prosperous ground where cyber security exceptionalism and excellence can grow and thrive. As such, Israel serves as a global incubator for corporations and individual entrepreneurs alike: those that seek to tap into and embrace Israel’s unique culture, which cultivates entrepreneurship, fosters ingenuity, and celebrates the audacity to undermine conventional thinking.

Looking forward, the Israeli cyber security industry is well-positioned to properly mitigate, and even prevent, future threats. This is a view shared by professionals, business people, and thought leaders worldwide, and is reflected in the steadfast and accelerated flow of venture capital funding into Israel’s cyber security industry (which amounted to approximately 15% of the global private investments in cyber security last year), and which is fueling the next generation of Israeli innovation. Thus, it comes as no surprise that a growing number of prominent multinational corporations have decided to actively and continuously engage in this ecosystem, by establishing their own dedicated cyber security R&D, innovation, and excellence centers within Israel.

RSA Conference 2020

February | San Francisco

The RSA Conference is the biggest, most important, annual cyber security exhibition in the world. The Conference serves as a major platform for cyber security companies that aim to enhance global exposure and learn about the emerging and prevailing trends in the cyber security field.