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IR Services


Award-winning Dark Net Threat Intelligence Company

MDR services & tools


Intuitive AI driven, machine learning solutions

Messaging and Alerting System

Monitor – Detect & Respond - General


Advanced AI analysis for images, videos and text


Nucleon provides three main automated capabilities in the CTI space: THREAT HUNTING, DETECTION and ANALYSIS with zero false positives


Force Majeure deals in cyber security, incident response, and digital forensics, with experience spanning more than a decade. Our team includes highly skilled cyber investigators, veterans of elite intelligence and cyber units, and security experts.


Turning intelligence into actions to effectively and proactively protect your business.


An Israeli cybersecurity company specializing in tailor-made services to organizations around the world.


An Information security boutique company providing thorough and comprehensive security assessments, tailor-made per clients' requirements.


ESET's goal is to make sure that businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories will enjoy safer technology and make the most of the digital world.


Reposify's External attack surface management platform helps organizations to discover and eliminate their unknown internet exposures and shadow IT within and beyond the perimeter in real time.


Simplify cyber threat intelligence with the most comprehensive and contextualized threat intelligence platform.


We provide Home Network Security solution for Working From Home (WFH) Safely.


Cyberm8 Automation Platform simplifies the automation process for both cyber-security and network devices, with easy deployment and plug-and-play configuration, allowing administrators to start automating.


The Siemplify Security Operations Platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) with comprehensive case and SOC management, making analysts more efficient, engineers more effective and managers more informed about the SOC.


Identity-driven cyber resilience and threat mitigation platform for cross-cloud and hybrid environments.


ZecOps automatically analyzes crashes and telemetry in order to detect attackers’ mistakes and discover sophisticated attacks on mobile devices, servers, endpoints, and applications.


TrapX has created a new generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention


Minerva is an innovative company with a leading prevention-first concept, revolutionize the Endpoint Security industry by introducing a new, different and more effective approach to stop evasive threats that other tools miss, regardless of time, team’s sizIn fact, the harder to detect the malware, the easier for Minerva to block it. 


With Vulcan Cyber, vulnerabilities aren't just found, they're fixed. Get fix done with Vulcan vulnerability remediation orchestration.


Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.


Powering national and organizational security operations centers (SOCs) with an intelligence-driven, data mining cyber security platform to secure nations, government, critical infrastructure, and enterprise organizations


ClearSky provides cyber solutions focused on three main pillars: IR services, Threat intelligence services, and Cyber defense turnkey projects

Security Information Event Management


Intuitive AI driven, machine learning solutions

Security Operations Center

Security Orchestration Automation and Response

Threat Hunting System


A Fully Automated and Scalable SaaS-Based Solution for Customer-Specific and Actionable Threat Intelligence


Award-winning Dark Net Threat Intelligence Company


MinerEye enables organizations to discover and manage its unstructured data on-prem and in the cloud for air-tight data protection and regulatory compliance for every file.


We protect companies from impending Ransomware & Breach incidents with high fidelity cybercrime intelligence.


Intuitive AI driven, machine learning solutions


Securely connect people, networks and clouds by next generation AI-powered cyber security software solutions, while protecting organizations of all sizes from Layer 7 online threats and cyber crime


Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.

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