The Cyber Aspect of the Challenge

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Data Protection - General


Cognni’s AI hunts for information sharing risks you didn’t know existed.


Secure any workload, anywhere, in minutes.


CyberArk delivers the most comprehensive Identity Security solution for protecting privileged access to data, infrastructure and assets across cloud and hybrid environments and throughout the DevOps pipeline.


Beyond DLP™ The Leading solution for scattered data.


MADSEC Security will be happy to be your home in the world of information security.


A cyber-fintech company focused on Corporate Payment Security


Secure your Sensitive Data and Prevent External & Internal Threats ZoneZero – Zero Trust the Right Way!


At Salt Security, our mission is to make it safe for companies to innovate by protecting the APIs that are the core of every SaaS, web, mobile, microservices and IoT application.


Seguro provides Multi Layer secured communication solution


Leveraging breakthroughs in secure multi-party computation (MPC), Unbound protects secrets such as cryptographic keys by ensuring they never exist in complete form.

Encryption In Transit


Hub Security is building a customisable, flexible and programmable Cyber Security Platform.

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1. All products and services offered at the Marketplace, are offered by the companies themselves, and presented here by the Israel Cyber Alliance* only for the convenience and as service for its clients. The publication should not appear as a recommendation by the Israel Cyber Alliance to use one of them.

2. The products and services offered on Marketplace are examined according to the conditions described in the initial call for registration and are based on the company’s statement as brought to the knowledge of the Israel Cyber Alliance . The Israel Cyber Alliance, will not be liable for any damage, loss, anguish or any other damage, whether direct or consequential, which will result in the services products offered by the companies and their advertisement at the Marketplace. The responsibility falls solely on the company offering their services products.

3. Any contracting between the end customer and the companies, as may be, regarding the services products, shall be subject to the purchase terms of the relevant company, and it is clarified that the Israel Cyber Alliance will not be part of this contracting.

4. In the event of any conflict between the advertised by the Israel Cyber Alliance and the advertised by the company providing the products/ services with regard to the description of the products/ services and the conditions of use, the company’s advertisements will increase the Israel Cyber Alliance’s advertisements.