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The Israel Cyber Alliance is proud to present the first Cyber Security Industry Marketplace, offering Israeli technologies  and tailored to meet today’s cyber security threats and challenges, including the implications and emerging threats of COVID-19.

The Marketplace is designed to provide helpful insights that will inform and guide your process, enabling you to make better decisions. The Marketplace will accomplish this through sharing current challenges faced by cyber security leaders, and providing insights into Israeli cyber technologies, know how and best practices.

We encourage you to share with us additional challenges/security gaps you are facing, and to continue the conversation with our professional team; they are here to advise and direct you to relevant and useful information that will advance your company’s security strategy and efforts.



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Securing BYOD Devices

The use of mobile phones, personal computers, tablets etc. are now even more commonplace in organizational processes. Cyber risks here are varied: theft of a device containing sensitive information, remote takeover, embedding malicious code in software/hardware etc… As organizations are more open to the utilization of mobile phones, the need arises for MDM.


Securing Remote Interfaces

Remote connections expose the organization to various threats, such as “Man in the Middle” or account takeovers. Those interfaces should be secured from the identification stage to the consumption of organizational data stage.


Testing Asset’s Cyber Hygiene

As more and more digital assets are being connected to the organizational network, there’s a need to make sure the lack of vulnerabilities in those assets.


Cloud and File Sharing Services Security

Many organizations rely on off premise processes and infrastructure. Those infrastructures should be secured as well as the interfaces between them and the organizational network.


Endpoint Protection

Securing endpoints is even more critical in a scenario where those endpoints reside outside conventional organizational boundaries. Gaining a foothold in an organizational endpoint might allow malicious actors to spread across networks and inflict sever damage.


DDOS Protection

As more organizations make services available online, denial of service attack scenarios become even more relevant.


Strong Authentication

Credentials theft is now a more common and severe risk.  Attacking and manipulating identification processes are more popular than ever, from Brute force to password guessing methods. Authentication processes should be more resilient and fraud-proof.


Data Leakage

Data leakage, due to human errors or byproducts of remote working, are now more prevalent. Combining technologies and processes for minimizing and preventing data leakage is essential.


Content Disarm and Reconstruction

There is greater importance in making sure no zero day or ransomware attack etc … aren’t utilizing files emanating from outside the organization.


Continuous Monitoring

When preparing for increased cybersecurity threats, organization should consider putting in place monitoring processes, whether on premise or by using “SoC as a service” options.


Supply Chain Risk Management

Using suppliers for shared processes or infrastructure necessitates managing that risk and exploring available methodologies and technologies.


IR Services

When a cyber-attack is underway, it is important to rely on incident response capacities, these can be built inhouse, but for SMEs or in general, can also be procured from suppliers, which can assist the attacked organization in real-time by remotely connecting.


Professional Services

If an organization is unsuited for housing permanent cyber personnel, it might be prudent to explore the option of using professional services to make sure the organization has all necessary processes and technologies in place in order to mitigate cyber risks.

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