Project Description

ZecOps automatically analyzes crashes and telemetry in order to detect attackers’ mistakes and discover sophisticated attacks on mobile devices, servers, endpoints, and applications.

Company Profile

ZecOps takes digital forensics and threat intelligence to the next level with its realistic approach to cyber security. Both amateur and sophisticated threat actors can bypass security controls without a significant challenge. Fortunately, attackers can’t avoid making mistakes during initial infection, privilege escalation, establishing persistence, and lateral movement. These mistakes lead to crashes, blue-screens, sudden reboots, and other anomalies. ZecOps catches these mistakes by automatically investigating crash logs and operating system telemetry. ZecOps discovered multiple attacks that were able to bypass all existing security controls and uncovered stealthy attacks on servers, endpoints, and mobile devices. The technology is used by world-leading governments, defense organizations, and enterprises. ZecOps was founded by world-renowned security researchers and has offices globally.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Below are some of the use cases supported by ZecOps platform: - Pre & Post travel inspections for executives, VIPs, and employees with sensitive data - Detect past and ongoing cyber espionage campaigns on organizations' devices - Automate Digital Forensics - Identify suspicious devices - Increase systems’ operational availability and server’s uptime

Technical description of the product/service

ZecOps collects crashes and telemetry from any endpoint, server, or smartphone. Then ZecOps will perform an automated analysis in order to provide immediate security insight and actionable intelligence.
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