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TOPIA is a Cloud-based unified platform - analyze, prioritize and remediate software vulnerabilities!Patchless Protection - Beat the patch gap and stay protected with or without a security patch. Auto Actions - Streamline your organization’s vulnerability management workflow and decrease operation costs xTags - Internal and external threat prioritization by contextual factors 0-Day Detection - TOPIA's 0-Day analysis uses a proactive approach that continuously analyzes, predicts and identifies novel binary level threats.

Simplified Vulnerability Remediation - Efficiently Reduce Organizational Security Risk

Company Profile

TOPIA is a consolidated cloud-based vulnerability management platform that protects assets in real time. Its rich, integrated features efficiently pinpoint and remediate the largest risks to your cyber infrastructure. Resolve the most pressing threats with efficient automation features and precise contextual analysis.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

With hundreds of new software and OS vulnerabilities detected each month, reducing your organization security risk will only get more strenuous. You need cybersecurity software that empowers you and your team with the necessary vulnerability management tools to combat the malicious actors and evolving threats of today.With TOPIA, your security teams get smart prioritization and safe remediation—with or without a security patch. Anticipate security breaches with TOPIA’s powerful array of vulnerability management tools, and do it all under one dashboard.

Technical description of the product/service

TOPIA detects all of your software and assets with one light yet powerful agent. Analyze and protect third-party, legacy, unsupported, or even proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without any official CVEs.
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