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Powering national and organizational security operations centers (SOCs) with an intelligence-driven, data mining cyber security platform to secure nations, government, critical infrastructure, and enterprise organizations

Company Profile

Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT) Cyber Intelligence Solutions is a global leader of security and intelligence data mining software with 25 years of domain expertise in designing and developing products and services. Our solutions are used for a wide range of applications, including cyber threat intelligence, threat detection and response, advanced threat hunting, security threat analysis and complex investigations. Verint’s Augmented Cyber Security approach enables organizations to accurately prioritize risks and anticipate cyber-attacks. Our solutions combine multiple advanced detection engines that monitor the network, endpoints & payloads, proactive threat hunting, cyber threat intelligence and full forensics gathering. We deploy our solutions globally for nations, governments, critical infrastructure providers and enterprise customers, and help address the shortage of skill, reduce risk and maximize efficiency of existing security resources.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Closely monitor entity network activities, identify threats and threat-hunt for the most sophisticated ones, obtain and disperse threat-intelligence from all layers of the internet and from external sources, aggregate and enrich them and conduct thorough all-source cyber intelligence investigations. Actively scan for entity network vulnerabilities, maintain a national repository of entity assets, establish an entity risk-assessment database, present superior cyber situational awareness, and provide a comprehensive solution for entity-facing incident management and for information-sharing with local entities as well as international partners

Technical description of the product/service

The National SOC is intended to provide the country with a national cyber superiority plan comprising the following stacks: 1. Cyber Operational Stack – focusing on all aspects of handling “raw” data originating from various security controls and sensors around the country and its monitored entities with the aim of identifying malicious cyber activity by use of analytics-driven threat hunting approaches, or by responding to identified ongoing activities. 2. Cyber Intelligence Stack – focusing on all aspects of cyber intelligence, open source intelligence, and any other information or data originating from various external sources. This pillar is intended to complement the cyber operational activities by (1) providing the relevant teams with data which can initiate/support various investigation or threat hunting activities, or (2) receive incoming reports and findings – which are the result of operational activities – with the aim of enriching them, preforming intelligence consolidation, generating various reports to be shared with external consumers, and establishing national cyber situational awareness.
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