Project Description

Secure more, limit less with Skybox

Company Profile

At Skybox, it’s our job is to make cybersecurity simpler and easier. We help our customers navigate past complexities, focus on the biggest risks and take the best action. And we provide tools to do so within a complete and intuitive dashboard designed to keep security and operations teams informed, working intelligently and moving faster.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

By modeling and visualizing all the assets, topology and policies of hybrid iP/Cloud/Microsegmented/ICS networks, we allow customers to analyze and prioritize daily their weaknesses and exposures, and to manage change and threat mitigation measures.

Technical description of the product/service

Skybox collects data from more than 140 types of IT, networking and security systems and devices as well as from more than 40 external threat intelligence sources, and creates an integrated model of the customer's network, including iP, public and private cloud, microsegmentation and Industrial Control Systems (OT) networks. The product periodically updates and analyzes the model, alerting the customer on risks and policy violations, and reporting on multiple dimensions of compliance based on real-word data. Configuration hardening, hybrid topology and vulnerability policies and risks are analyzed, and remediation orchestrated and monitored.
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