Project Description

Offered benefit in
Covid-19 pandemic

SecuPi enables very granular control of what Users can access or view depending on User context including where they are physically located when accessing the data for meeting any Geo-Fencing, Geo-location and Cross-Border data flow restrictions imposed by GDPR, Schrems-II and other national data privacy regulations.

SecuPi empowers organizations to use data in a secure, compliant and responsible way.

Company Profile

SecuPi provides a data-centric, centrally managed, end-to-end solution that protects all your data transparent to the Applications or Data Repositories used to process the data, On-Prem and/or in the Cloud. SecuPi's Purpose or Attribute Based Access Control (PBAC/ABAC), Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), Encryption, Tokenization, Anonymization, Accountability and Privacy Compliance capabilities provide a single pane of glass management and control over all sensitive or regulated data.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

SecuPi provides a single, centrally managed, single pane of glass control point for all data with fully distributed enforcement. SecuPi works completely transparent to User and Applications used to access sensitive data. No code changes, no API calls to Applications, and no changes to the underlying Data Repositories, no software agents, no User Defined Functions (UDF), no static view layer security, no physical or logical data model changes.

Technical description of the product/service

SecuPi provides a central Policy Management Server or Policy Definition Point (PDP) and distributed Policy Enforcement Points (PEP) that enforce PBAC and data protection policy and return a detailed audit trail of all access to sensitive or regulated data. SecuPi then provides market leading User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and full End-User Accountability even when shared Application ID's are used to access the data layer. SecuPi provides multiple different ways to transparently insert a PEP into any data flows for comprehensive end-to-end data protection and fine-grained access control to enforce centrally managed policy for all data On-Prem or Hybrid Cloud.
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