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Nucleon provides three main automated capabilities in the CTI space: THREAT HUNTING, DETECTION and ANALYSIS with zero false positives

Company Profile

Nucleon is a unique, patented cyber security solution that compliments and dramatically enhances existing cybersecurity solutions. Detects & Reports Previously Unidenti ed and Unknown Cyber Threats Includes Advanced AI + Machine Learning Functionality Unobtrusive (Operates Outside Your Network) Automated — Remote Operation is Easily and Quickly Deployed and Managed TCO—Exceptionally Cost E ective Subscription-Based Pricing Model Easily Integrates With Other Popular Enterprise Cyber Protection Systems

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Nucleon’s autonomous and patented technology detects and alerts its customers to new and EMERGING threats LONG BEFORE they are able to penetrate vital networks and in ict untold damage, unwarranted expenses, and business disruption .

Technical description of the product/service

Nucleon operates a large network of globally distributed “Polymorphic Sensors” to monitor the Internet and to detect (and learn) from known and unknown attacks. The polymorphic sensors appear to be vulnerable networks to threat actors, Nucleon’s Polymorphic Sensors may be considered as a natural evolution of “honeypots.” Each polymorphic sensor is crafted to look and feel exactly like the real thing to a potential threat and to attract it; whether it mimics a bank, a municipality, an airport, or other “real-world” target.
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