Project Description

Advanced AI analysis for images, videos and text

Company Profile

Netspark was established more than a decade ago and is the market leader in AI image, video and text analysis. Netspark provides services for: 1. ISPs' - filtered internet. 2. Corporates - analyze and filter user generated content. 3. Governments - A. Law Enforcement Agencies - identify pedophilic content on suspects' devices. B. Education - filter + MDM for educational institutes. 4.End users - parental control application named Netspark Mobile and Canopy.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Netspark developed a patent protected platform that is able to analyze texts images and videos. The platform can be deployed either over the cloud, mobile app, inline. edge, or even on prem. Netspark is able to filter content in REAL TIME, offline (without internet connection) and even filter LIVE CONTENT. Our algorithms are super fast (X6 faster than Google) and in avg. provide an analysis in less than a second to an hour long video.

Technical description of the product/service

Several image and video analysis patents allowing the algorithms to run very fast. Consume low resources and reduce the amount of computing power, storage and personnel required to perform such analysis.The solution is able to be installed on prem, over the cloud, on the device (edge) or with a white labeled mobile application in accordance with requirements.
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