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Minerva is an innovative company with a leading prevention-first concept, revolutionize the Endpoint Security industry by introducing a new, different and more effective approach to stop evasive threats that other tools miss, regardless of time, team’s sizIn fact, the harder to detect the malware, the easier for Minerva to block it.  For example, Minerva can make your business-critical assets became invisible and unreachable for attackers & malware (they cannot hit something they cannot see). e, skills or toolset.

Company Profile

Minerva’s platform completely secures every endpoint for enterprise organizations from even the most advanced threats. The genius behind Minerva’s effectiveness is its ability to achieve the highest level of security while boasting a rapid rollout, an ultralight agent, and ease of use that is unparalleled in the cybersecurity world. Minerva is able to protect at the highest level with the minimum amount of resources team size and skills and toolset. Minerva patented Platform combines preemptive prevention, deterrence-based deception, and camouflage techniques that automatically block attacks that are designed to evade your existing security defenses. Minerva blocks access to organization critical assets by hiding them from the malware and addressing the widest variety of attack scenarios. This unique approach allows enterprises to stop unknown, advanced malware prior to engaging costly investigative and recovery resources.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Minerva Labs protects systems from attacks that bypass other defenses, including “next-gen” AV tools and app whitelisting. Instead of trying to identify threats by looking for patterns, our patented Simulation Engine breaks the attack chain by deceiving threats into revealing their presence and convicting themselves. Minerva’s solutions augment the existing capabilities of our enterprise customers and integration partners, strengthening the entire security ecosystem. Among Minerva's patented abilities to prevent an attacked prior infection, Minerva Also has the ability to

Technical description of the product/service

Minerva’s Threat Prevention Platform protects servers and workstations from threats that would’ve bypassed other security measures. We accomplish this without scanning any files or processes. Instead, we rely on the Minerva Simulation Engine to selectively conceal or reveal relevant artifacts or otherwise deceive malware, so it fails to reach its objective. For example: • By simulating the presence of security tools or analysis sandboxes, Minerva causes many evasive malicious programs to terminate themselves because they’re designed to avoid such “hostile” environments. For an illustration, see UIWIX ransomware. • By intercepting attempts to inject malicious code into processes, Minerva deceives malware so that many exploits and in-memory attacks fail, causing the malicious process to exit or crash. For an illustration, see AZORult information stealer. By deceiving booby-trapped documents regarding their ability to interact with tools such as PowerShell or other utilities that enable living-off-the-land attacks, we allow enterprises to use modern documents without fear. For an illustration, see Emotet downloader. • By redirecting activities that destroy local files, we protect endpoints from losing documents even if ransomware bypassed other measures. Minerva tricks ransomware into backing up the files to a local cache, so the victims can easily recover them without paying the ransom. • By concealing the information and other local components targeted by data stealers, Minerva protects critical assets on the system, including sensitive configuration files, memory contents of POS systems, cached logon credentials, and more. Minerva can offer these and other countermeasures by working alongside customers’ existing anti-malware tools without overlapping or interfering with their capabilities. As a result, the enterprise covers the gap inherent to any detection-focused anti-malware approaches.
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