Project Description

MinerEye enables organizations to discover and manage its unstructured data on-prem and in the cloud for air-tight data protection and regulatory compliance for every file.

Company Profile

MinerEye automates information governance and privacy compliance of unstructured data to identify, classify and track sensitive data across large scale repositories and cloud platforms. Its Interpretive AI™, machine learning, and computer vision automatically scans, indexes, analyzes, virtually labels and categorizes unstructured and dark data for instantaneous data discovery and mapping. Since 2015, MinerEye has been serving customers in financial, retail, manufacturing and technology sectors. The company's leadership stems from data and cyber expertise domains. Its headquarters are in Israel with sales offices in New York.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Based on the MinerEye's DataTracker™ product, organizations can overcome the challenge of zero visibility and access to its unstructured or dark data (its attached files with all the sensitive data located in these files). Whether this access is necessary to report on compromised data in the event of a cyber breach, to report on compliance for privacy regulations of specific customers, protect the use of shared files within a cloud-based collaboration tool or to minimize data during migration to the cloud, MinerEye performs scans and data mapping of unstructured data within minutes. Beyond the one time scan, MinerEye enables organizations to continually monitor, protect and classify the specific data entities of sensitive data at minimal cost, fast deployment and easy-to-use dashboards.

Technical description of the product/service

MinerEye’s proprietary Interpretive AI™ is a Artificial Intelligence technology that addresses the challenges around unmanaged data repositories. The combination of pattern recognition and machine learning automates the steps which were traditionally handled by sampled manual processes: 1) Continuously indexing and categorizing files into a searchable taxonomy; 2) Classifying data based on content and context; 3) Selectively triggering security controls or workflows to minimize risk to your data.
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