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Award-winning Dark Net Threat Intelligence Company

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KELA is an award-winning, Dark Net threat intelligence provider, offering unique proprietary intelligence-based solutions for enterprises and law enforcement agencies worldwide. KELA's automated technologies monitor a curated set of Darknet sources to alert clients of targeted threats. All threats are analyzed and qualified by KELA's analysts, ensuring all intelligence is 100% actionable. Comprised of more than 100 intelligence and technical experts all leveraging unique skills from Israel’s elite military intelligence units, KELA's team is able to develop high-end technologies and analyze complex data from an intelligence-point-of-view.KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence, headquartered in Tel Aviv, is a global leader in the threat intelligence market, providing solutions and support in monitoring and preventing potential cyber-attacks for enterprises and government clients.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?


Technical description of the product/service

RADARK monitors a curated set of Dark Net sources to detect threats targeting clients’ key assets. RADARK is used by enterprises and government agencies worldwide to help them automatically detect targeted threats on exposed PII, network vulnerabilities, compromised account information, leaked employee and customer credentials, compromised network access for sale, leaked intellectual property, and much more. While all intelligence gathering is fully automated, KELA’s cyber experts are analyzing and qualifying intelligence, ensuring that clients receive only 100% targeted and actionable intelligence.DARKBEAST is KELA's proprietary threat hunting technology enabling users to perform real-time and secured investigations through KELA’s data lake of Dark Net sources. DARKBEAST is used by organizations around the world to help them research further on emerging malwares, investigate threat actors and their TTPs, monitor and detect trends in the darknet, identify forged documents or fraudulent activities, and much more.
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