Project Description

InfoBay is an enterprise-proven completely Secure Email Distribution Platform delivers a suite of products designed to securely protect all transmitted and stored data in an encrypted mode. InfoBay offers end-to-end security for email and attachments distributed to external addresses wherever they are.

Company Profile

INFOBAY is a subsidiary of the Malam-Team Group – Israel’s largest provider of IT services. Malam-Team is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. InfoBay – A data security platform designed for secure exchange of proprietary information such as encrypted digital emails and files transfers. At the same time, the product protects an organization’s digital assets throughout the lifecycle of the information. This platform is a key driver for GDPR compliance because it protects the data stored or in transit mode. InfoBay targets corporate clients, offering end-to-end security for email and attachments distributed to employees and partners, suppliers and customers, wherever they are. InfoBay is ISO 27001, 90001 Certified.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Although it is relatively easy to protect data stored in a facility, and this should be implemented as part of a key GDPR strategy, it is much more difficult to protect data in transit. The ability to protect data in transit for applications such as electronic mail, file transfers and collaboration between parties provides a key benefit and fulfils primary GDPR compliance requirements. InfoBay, with or without Generica’s risk management compliance methodology provides advanced functionality designed to secure data in transit.InfoBay, is a proven on premise solution with many satisfied customers that rely on the platform to protect digital assets in transit. InfoBay’s encryption facility utilizes AES-256 algorithms and additional strategies to insure maximum protection while enabling organizations and individuals to exchange information securely.

Technical description of the product/service

The InfoBay Secure Encrypted Framework serves as the foundation for building comprehensive secure messaging solutions. InfoBay offers a range of modules for sending and receiving that can be mixed and matched according to each organization’s needs. When installed in combination with the framework, InfoBay's modules provide an overall platform for secure messaging, including secure creation, transmission, and storage of data.The result? A customizable, easy-to-use messaging and transmission solution that never compromises safety or security. At a Glance:• Customizable o The InfoBay Secure Encrypted Framework can be completely customized and tailored to an organization’s needs and its current systems. o InfoBay modules can be mixed and matched to create a complete package for an organization’s senders and recipients. o InfoBay's interactive portal allows organizations to implement optional commercial content for marketing opportunities. • Simple o Senders and recipients enjoy a simple, easy-to-use interface. o The InfoBay Secure Encrypted Framework integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so that back-office users can continue to use Outlook when sending secure information to both internal employees and external customers or partners. o Recipients can view information on almost any device using only a web browser and an Internet connection—no installation required! • Integration and collaboration o The InfoBay Secure Encrypted Framework integrates with existing industry security products, such as mail sanitization, data loss prevention (DLP), anti-malware, digital signature services and more. o The framework supports API-based integration with enterprise and business applications, such as ERP, CRM, and ECM. • Scalable o InfoBay products support all types of organizations, from small enterprises to large-scale service providers, in the healthcare, financial, insurance, and government industries. • Control o InfoBay products allow the system administrator to define end-user permissions and customize organizational preferences.
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