Project Description

Force Majeure deals in cyber security, incident response, and digital forensics, with experience spanning more than a decade. Our team includes highly skilled cyber investigators, veterans of elite intelligence and cyber units, and security experts.

Company Profile

An expert is someone who knows a great deal about very little Force Majeure deals in Cyber Security, Incident Response and Digital Forensics, with experience spanning more than a decade. Our team includes highly skilled cyber investigators, veterans of elite intelligence, cyber units and security experts. Real-world corporate experience, technological capabilities, years of expertise with cyber risks enable our team to provide professional and effective wide scale solutions from SMBs to intelligence units, law enforcement authorities and HLS. Force Majeure provides organizations, authorities and companies end-to-end solutions including cyber security, digital forensics and cyber incident response services. These solutions ensure a comprehensive, multi-system approach to reducing exposure to cyber incidents, mitigating them during an attack and investigating them after the fact. Force Majeure has led and conducted thousands of cyber investigations and incidents where our services included consultation and response when a breach is exposed. We successfully contained, eradicated and recovered the affected systems. Conducted extensive forensic analysis and accompanied legal proceedings as expert witnesses. The company was founded by Ran Levinson, a veteran of the IDF's elite intelligence unit 8200. Levinson has assembled a dedicated and professional tech team specializing in cutting-edge cyber research. This team of cyber experts features a combination of breakthrough technological tools, many years of experience in data security and in managing, containing and eradicating cyber-attacks. Together we provide a comprehensive response to the most current emerging needs in the field of cyber risk management.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

We have extensive knowledge of the threat posed by cyber-crimes. This covers a broad range of potential exposure, including extortion and ransom, denial of services, corporate espionage, leaks and data breaches, cyber-scams that may impact regulatory affairs, business interruption, and malicious insider activities.

Technical description of the product/service

Force Majeure supports government agencies, such as the Israel Securities Authority and major players from a variety of industries. Our impressive list of clients include international Hi-Tech organizations such as Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, Fintech startups, medical cannabis manufacturers, biotech firms, industrial plants, financial companies, insurance companies, law firms, private investigation agencies and accounting firms. Our services can be delivered remotely or on-site. For more details please contact us through our website.
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