Project Description

A strategic risk-driven platform for lean cybersecurity teams supporting secure agile development in scale.

Company Profile

Cynergy helps tech and fintech organizations with high growth and agile development to: 1. Identify exposed risks in their dynamic attack landscape, covering all main cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP), their exposed applications, infrastructure, and data leakage by/of employees. 2. Prioritize the mitigation and controls. 3. Connect to an Expert Marketplace of vetted solutions and cybersecurity professionals.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Cynergy will identify the attack surface seamlessly and without any tweaks - low friction Cynergy will provide you an action plan of the 3 focused risks you have and will help to find and assign the mitigation plan to your internal team or will help you to get outside help and manage it using automated and manual solutions or service providers. making your company constantly secure.

Technical description of the product/service

The product has a unique approach towards organizational security enabling: 1. Identification of new APIs/ Features in web applications and automated threat modeling 2. Continuous identification and risk assessment of new publicly exposed assets in your cloud environments 3. Continuous identification and risk assessment of new publicly exposed assets in your on-premise infrastructure 4. Continuous identification of leaked employee credentials 5. Continuous identification of leaked sensitive keys in paste sites such as Pastebin, Github, etc. 6. Passive and active scanning and automated exploitation of identified risks, to provide you a definite understanding of the risks you need to mitigate. 7. Automated and dynamic action plan 8. Connection to a marketplace of vetted solutions and experts 9. 2FA 10. IP whitelisting 11. Enterprise Billing support
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