Project Description

Cyberm8 Automation Platform simplifies the automation process for both cyber-security and network devices, with easy deployment and plug-and-play configuration, allowing administrators to start automating.

Company Profile

Cyberm8 was founded by leading cybersecurity veterans with decades of Cyber and network consulting, design and implementations and endorsed by “E&M Computing” (a public company specialized in IT with annual revenue of over 1 billion USD) to create the ultimate security automation platform.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Cyberm8 Automation Platform Integrate the different Cyber and network solutions to enhance organization security posture, and automatically mitigate incidents using customizable playbooks

Technical description of the product/service

Cyberm8 Automation Platform eliminates the security administrator reoccurring work and saves precious time, and allows creation and delegation of any task, regardless of the role delegation options of the target device. Cyberm8 Automation Platform supports REST/SOAP API, CLI, SNMP, LDAP/S, WIN-RM, and even Simple Web Browser Interface for product integrations, while the task configuration process in the system is as simple as selecting the desired action from a drop-down list.
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