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Training, Range

Offered benefit in
Covid-19 pandemic

During COVID-19 Cyberbit offers free remote training for SOC teams who have been impacted in their ability to train and maintain their skills, particularly due to travel restrictions and the need to transform to remote or distributed work. To apply for a free remote training session register here:

Cyberbit Range is the global leading platform for skilling, training, assessing, hiring, and educating cybersecurity professionals - from zero to hero.

Company Profile

Cyberbit provides the global leading cybersecurity training skilling and education platform: Cyberbit Range. The Platform provides a complete, zero to hero skilling solution, starting from hiring cybersecurity practitioners, and all the way to maintaining the skillsets of advanced, tier-3 analysts, and keeping them up to date. Cyberbit achieves this by creating a hyper-realistic, cloud-based training environment that immerses leaders in a simulation of a real-word security operations center (SOC) where they use commercial tools from Splunk, IBM, Palo Alto, and more, to respond to simulated cyberattacks. Cyberbit's platform provides a wide range of exercises which include labs - for basic learning of cybersecurity skills, to full-scale simulated attacks, where teams can practice their skills in a realistic cyber range environment, as a team. Cyberbit customers include enterprises, governments, service providers, system integrators, and higher education institutions.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Organizations using Cyerbit Range can expect to dramatically upskill their SOC teams, accelerate and optimize their hiring processes, accelerate their onboarding processes, and be better prepared for real-world attack situations.

Technical description of the product/service

Cyberbit Range includes 3 key components: 1. Virtualized networks - comprehensive networks simulating corporate networks 2. Security Tools - commercial tools including a Splunk SIEM, IBM QRadar, Check Point and Palo Alto Firewalls, and more - allowing trainees to learn and practice using the same tools they would use at work 3. Attack Generator - a simulated attacker who challenges the trainees by running end-to-end simulated cyberattacks. 4. Customization Tools - advanced tools for customizing the networks, adding security tools, and creating attacks tailored for the customer.The combination of real-world networks, tools, and attacks creates optimal learning, skilling, and training experience. Cyberbit Range is available in a cloud-based SaaS model, or as a dedicated software instance (hosted or on-premise).
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