Project Description

Offered benefit in
Covid-19 pandemic

For any crisis connected to Covid-19 Critical Impact provide intestinal crisis assessment for free.

Win Back Control On Your Organization

Company Profile

CRITICAL IMPACT is an Israeli based boutique crisis management firm. Its founders and team members are experts in the field, having served in elite Israel Defense Forces units and other defense and security organizations. The company's uniqueness stems from the synthesis of 3 key elements: 1. Decades of cumulative applied experience working with decision-makers at the highest levels (at the national and private sectors). 2. Multi-disciplinary working methods combine negotiation, threat intelligence, psychology (profiling), and more. 3. Working premise that the human factor is most important for containing, eradicating, and recovering from any type of crisis.CRITICAL IMPACT works with a wide variety of organizations and industries. It has thus gained abundant practical experience and a profound understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of different industries during critical situations.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Critical Impact provides tailored crisis management and negotiation teams for organizations of all sizes. Our teams include specialists from a wide variety of expertise creating a multi-disciplinary approach for analysis and management of any type of crisis.

Technical description of the product/service

Critical impact collaborates with a wide variety of cybersecurity companies, providing a holistic cybersecurity approach and solutions that cover both technical and human needs.
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