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Securely connecting SMB workforce free of charge! Shared cloud based BFW+BSWG product suite for SMBs with less than 10 employees free of charge till April 1, 2021. ** In a shared configuration all the nodes and all their settings, including their networks and Protection Rules are managed by Blaick and can not be customized. This offer is available in selected regions.

Securely connect people, networks and clouds by next generation AI-powered cyber security software solutions, while protecting organizations of all sizes from Layer 7 online threats and cyber crime

Company Profile

Blaick is an Israeli cyber security company which develops AI technology for cyber crime and online threats prevention. The company markets its AI-powered Blaick Firewall (BFW) and Blaick Secure Web Gateway (BSWG) products suite which securely connects local and remote workforce in a distributed enterprise, while all web traffic is intercepted by BSWG and is protected in real time. Blaick AI is trained to prevent online threats like malware, phishing and scam delivered by any channel including social media. Due to AI nature our solutions have been proved to be efficient for zero day attacks.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

An organization uses BFW+BSWG products to control their remote and in-office employees traffic, eliminating cyber crime attacks attempts, such as malware downloads, phishing web pages, scam, and malicious or illegal content. An organization defines its protection policies via BSWG rules, selecting unwanted AI categories like "Malware", "Phishing", "Adult Content". BSWG working along with BFW enforces organizational protection polices, protecting employees from online threats in real time. Since all traffic is always intercepted and validated by BFW+BSWG an employee is protected whatever device or application she uses, and can safely access online resources working either remotely or from the office.

Technical description of the product/service

BFW+BSWG nodes can be installed both in Cloud or on-prem. Each node is connected to Blaick' main cloud and is instantly updated with the latest threats info. Blaick cloud runs a huge distributed cloud Sandbox with thousands of Blaick's Virtual Agents that discover online data to be analyzed by AI algorithms. The results of AI analytics are delivered to BFW+BSWG nodes thus helping any node to get real time information about the newest threats discovered worldwide. In addition to worldwide threats DB each node runs its own AI-based real time traffic validation software.
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