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Holistic Security For Your CI/CD Pipeline

Company Profile

The first unified security solution protecting the integrity of your software throughout the entire DevOps pipeline

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Comprehensive enterprise security protecting all stages of your CI/CD pipeline and ensuring process integrity

Technical description of the product/service

Pipeline discovery Argon identifies all tools, assets, users, and activities in your environment and provides a single view into your whole DevOps process. Through seamless integration, connect effortlessly to your existing CI/CD tools and achieve maximum visibility. Risk detection Argon continuously monitors your DevOps infrastructure to identify security risks, misconfigurations, and anomalies, and provide insights about the posture of your CI/CD pipeline. Release with confidence Argon prioritizes and automates remediation of alerts according to security best practices and compliance rules, connecting security and DevOps teams and reducing the need for manual intervention.
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