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Covid-19 pandemic

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has led most of the organizations to leverage remote working of the employees. This has led to a huge upsurge in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. As these devices are potentially vulnerable due to lack of efficient security solutions, the demand for endpoint security is increasing during the lockdown period. Also, COVID-19 has also pushed the demand for managed IoT security services to safeguard the data of employees as well as organizations. ArcusTeam’s solution will protect these enterprises from their vulnerable devices with its full lifecycle attack surface management platform for connected and cloud-based devices that empowers you to stay ahead of the dynamic cyber risks that threaten your network. Based on advanced, proprietary technology, it enables you to identify threats before they impact your organization, giving you granular visibility of the attack surface of the and connected devices, all the way to their firmware and software. It continuously predicts, identifies, assesses, prioritizes, and mitigates potential cyber threats – before they threaten your connected networks. It also supports business decision making, helping you to prioritize security related tasks and projects and effectively allocate scarce resources. It delivers: -Security risk and prioritization based on business impact and needs -Mitigation and action plans -Exposure of known and unknown vulnerabilities and their attack vectors that can compromise the device, including potential zero-days -Insight into the essential firmware layer, plus software components in the device itself -Identification of software components and their vulnerabilities -Support for all connected IoT and cloud devices -An agentless experience - no installation necessary and zero-risk integration

ArcusTeam delivers full lifecycle Attack Surface Management solutions for connected devices.

Company Profile

ArcusTeam was founded by a team of experienced cyber intrusion professionals. Recognizing a global lack of confidence in connected device security, we developed the industry’s first pre-cognitive attack surface protection platform to meet this challenge head on.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

Overcoming the challenges of endpoint security, ArcusTeam's unique SaaS solution uses proprietary and patent-pending technology to continuously predict, prevent, eliminate and mitigate connected device and attack surface issues. Bringing a new approach to the ASM landscape, DeviceTotal accompanies organizations through each lifecycle stage of every connected device ‒ beginning with before the purchase of the device through its end-of-life. With this end-to-end ASM solution, organizations can now achieve absolute connected device confidence.

Technical description of the product/service

ArcusTeam’s proprietary technology automatically reverse engineers any firmware file - identifies security issues, and offers recommendations to shore up connected device security, even before you purchase devices. The following steps conceptualize ArcusTeam's solution: 1. Analyze: Analyze the device firmware to expose device software components, known vulnerabilities and potential zero-days for every connected device in the network 2. Calculate: Understand the device risk, and the entire nature of the attack surface posture in a contextual way for your organization. 3. Mitigate: Access clear actionable insights - security recommendations that include recommended firmware updates and patches. 4. Control: Prioritize responses based on organization, site, or device-level business context, risk, impact, and more, and monitor the effect of your actions.
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