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ACID - Your lookout for cyber threats

Company Profile

To support the efforts of cybersecurity professionals and facilitate the detection of hostile actions – even as early as in their planning stages – ACID has developed a platform that monitors arenas that cybercriminals and cyberterrorists visit and operate in.

How will the product/service, assist orgenizations dealing with current cyber threats?

ACID unleashes clusters of robots and implements advanced AI algorithms to detect the first hints of hostile activity. It then sends alerts in real-time to the intended targets, to enable them to take advance action and foil the attack or mitigate its consequences. ACID continues round-the-clock monitoring to collect additional information as it becomes available, to allow implementing the most effective counter-measures, for as long as the threat remains.

Technical description of the product/service

To be effective, cybersecurity must therefore rely heavily on automated, state-of-the-art technological solutions. On ACID. Constant in-depth monitoring: ACID operates 24/7/365, monitoring the clear, deep and dark web for any hint of hostile activity targeting each of its clients. It constantly updates its technological tools to effectively deal with new and anticipated threats and attack methods. Tailored services: ACID, together with each client, tailors its services to produce optimal results and maximum benefit. Keywords can be easily added, changed or removed, as necessary – at any time. Real-time alerts: By providing detailed alerts in real-time, ACID allows the targeted organization’s cyber professionals to dedicate their time and effort to taking the appropriate advance action to counter the threat, instead of spending valuable resources to deal with threats once they materialize and inflict damage. Cost savings: With ACID, the organization can make the most of its resources, investing them where they are most needed. Even more importantly, it can potentially eliminate or minimize the high financial cost resulting from a security breach – be it the payment of ransom or the cost of restoring normal operation. This is particularly critical at a time when 77% of surveyed organizations worldwide report that they do not have a cyber security incident response plan applied consistently across the enterprise (report commissioned by IBM). Business continuity: By allowing organizations to prepare for and effectively deal with planned cyberattacks, ACID allows them to maintain business continuity, which not only benefits their revenues, but also protects their reputation and contributes to customer retention. Full automation: ACID’s solutions are fully automated. Monitoring takes place 24/7/365 with no need for human intervention, and alerts are automatically sent immediately upon detection of a potential threat. Full automation presents a dual advantage: Client organizations can rest assured that they will receive information on threats without delay; and can optimize their response based on new, updated information supplied to them by ACID as soon as it becomes available.
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